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Located In Amarillo, Texas

Duncan & Boyd Jewelers is one of the Southwest’s premiere jewelry stores. We have served a five-state trade area for more than 40 years, and offer the same traditions of exceptional quality, personal service, integrity, and value to customers around the world.

Whether your jewelry is current, antique, old or used, it can still be fashionable today. Jewelry with a past – aka, estate jewelry – is not just about being antique, old, and used. It’s about the past and the present coming together in a unique fashion statement.

It can begin with Grandma’s old ring or an idea in your head – your future jewelry may yet to be created. Maybe you’ve seen something you liked – only wished it were just a bit different. Maybe you’d prefer something that only you have – a custom-designed and manufactured style which reflects your taste and the jeweler’s talent.

Designer jewelry may be an entire line of jewelry which is created by one artist and marketed in a jewelry store. Custom designed jewelry is that one-of-a-kind piece which cannot be duplicated for anyone else. Not every jeweler has equal ability to sketch these ideas for you – or a craftsman who can manufacture a custom piece – but speaking with a jeweler who has a custom design service is the best place to get started. The future is now!!

A.Jaffe – Men’s Bands

“A Tradition of Excellence” The beauty of an A. Jaffe ring reflects the craftsmanship of the finest artisans in the industry. For over 100 years, the designers, model makers, casters, jewelers, setters and polishers of A. Jaffe have been known for the quality of their work. All of our jewelry is hand crafted with pride in America. … View Gallery

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